What people have to say about us.

I bought two pair of earrings and matching rings from EA Jewellery. They were designed by Asmus. The design is simple and yet elegant. Italian craftsmanship is beyond question. What impressed me most was the proprietors' genuine pursuit of quality. I was asked to return one of the pair of the earrings so that they could be sent to Italy for polish. There were speckles on the metal part of the earrings due to high humidity in Hong Kong. Those spots were hardly noticeable but the proprietors would not let go any defect even goods were sold.
Mrs. J. Ho | Final Customer

It is my pleasure to express our extremely positive experience with Mrs. Erika M. Barban from EA Jewellery, who has been co-orporating with us since 2007. She has proven to be a valuable addition to our company in various projects. From consultancy to marketing research and finally sales, she has been able to boost our network of customers and sales in the Far East.
In the last 10 years she has been living and working in Greater China, mainly in Shanghai, thus tremendously improving our knowledge and insight in such a strategic market. Now and in the next future, she will be carrying on our program with particular regard to the Hong Kong and South Asia market and we are confident that she will prove an extremely positive asset for us in order to reach our goals.
Mr. Andrea Calgaro | Sales Director of Cenzi Vittorio S.r.l. | Producer | Italy

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